5 Hidden Benefits of Working from Home


You Can Make Healthier Food Choices

I vowed many times in the brick-and-mortar setting that I would bring healthier lunches to work. There was the mason jar salad week (a fun, creative, healthy lifestyle change that lasted 5 days). There was a paleo month and vegan semester (minus all the cheat days).

The problem was the time involved in preparing healthy, portable lunches every week. I never got into a routine and would slide back into a habit of take-out and fast food between lectures. Now, some people are successful at weekly meal prep. They blog about it. I blog about failing at it (and about nursing stuff).

When I started teaching remotely, lunch become considerably easier – and healthier. I eat at home. There’s no temptation to run out to the closest take-out place. If I do need to run out, it’s to the grocery store. And I come home to prepare my meal.

No mason jars, plastic containers, or dirty utensils to peel off the inside of an insulated lunch bag. I mean, how else do you get your used silverware home?

Working from home has enabled me to eat more fresh foods. I don’t have the need for convenience foods, and I can spend my Sunday nights doing something other than lunch-planning!

You Will Save Time Getting Ready for Work

I don’t know about you, but getting ready for work is on my list of least favorite chores. First, I’m not the peppiest person in the morning. And one needs some “pep” to hop in and out of the shower, do the hair thing, do the makeup thing, and find a wrinkle-free outfit that meets the requirement of “business casual” attire.

These days, I abide by a casual-casual dress code. The best part: I define what that is! It’s not a secret that when you work from home, you can pretty much wear whatever you want. You can shower any time of the day you want. Hair styling and makeup are optional.

Do I ever go on camera for a meeting or webinar? Sure. And I’ve got a work-from-home hack for that: throw on a blazer and swirl my hair into a businessy bun.

Now, I know I’m admitting to slacking in the work attire category. But my productivity working from home is enhanced. I “get to work” early. I’m not distracted by uncomfortable clothes or wishing I picked those other shoes.

Not everyone feels this way. Some professionals like to “dress the part”. And that’s totally cool. That’s just not me.

You Can Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

This is another kind of obvious one: you don’t have to drive anywhere! But think about the benefit to your car.

If you lease a vehicle and have mileage limitations, working remotely lets you save those miles for other things. If you own a car, the resale value will be higher (or you’ll increase it’s longevity).

While my husband and I both have a car, some colleagues have gone down to a one-car household. Not only does this save money, it’s better for the environment!

You Will Spend Less Money on a Daily Basis

I save money in many ways working from home. Speaking of cars, less driving not only means a longer-lasting vehicle; I also spend much less on gas. I can’t even remember the last time I filled up my tank!

Clothes. I don’t need to replenish my work wardrobe. Well I can, but how many t-shirts and pairs of elastic pants do I really need? I don’t need to buy expensive clothes or pay for dry cleaning. I don’t need a closet full of shoes for coordinating with outfits. And if you’re thinking, scrub-wearing nurses have low-maintenance wardrobes too… Have I told you about my former Dansko problem?

Food. I get to eat more healthily and cheaply. Now, I know healthy eating doesn’t always mean cheaper eating. But when you go from buying lunch at restaurants to preparing it at home – you do save a lot of money.

You Can Keep a Pet Company

When I was offered my current online teaching position, I also had a job offer at a brick-and-mortar institution. I had always wanted a dog, so I decided if I took the work-from-home job, I’d get a puppy.

It was a smart choice – the job and the puppy! Working from home allows me to walk my dog, feed him, train him, and keep him company. Well, actually, it’s more like he keeps me company! How could there be a better office partner than a furry four-legged friend?

Besides the occasional bark during a conference call, he really makes my workday so much better. Petting him is a form of mindfulness in the middle of a busy day. If I need a mind-clearing walk, I have the perfect excuse to take one!

There you go – five benefits of working from home from the perspective of a remote employee. Who has similar experiences? What are the negatives of working from home? Comment below!

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